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We are located at:
921 South Beckett Street
Columbia, TN 38401

Our Phone Number is:
(931) 388-3840

Our Center is open:
Tuesday through Friday
8:30 am - 5:30 pm

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(931) 388-3840 921 Beckett Street Columbia, TN 38401

The Family Center has a variety of opportunities available to individuals and groups in Maury County.  Whether you are interested in diverting crises or community support, we have a spot for you.


Many of our volunteers serve as receptionists and grocers!  We ask those volunteers to commit to half a day, Tuesday through Friday.  In addition, we keep a second list of volunteers to call as needed.  Perhaps there is a windfall of food that needs to be shelved.  Perhaps there is a need for workers during a specific event.  Perhaps we need to organize our “thrift” room.  These volunteers are simply called as needed.  Come join us!

Financial Assistance:

The Family Center is simply Maury County taking care of Maury County.  We are as grassroots as it gets!  We are not a national organization.  We are simply good people taking care of good people.  A donation can be designated for the Good Samaritan financial assistance to others, can be designated for the purchase of pantry items, or can be designated to fund programs.  You decide.  Our physical address is 921 S. Beckett Street, or mail can be sent to P.O. Box 576.  We eagerly look forward to receiving mail!

Community Garden:

We have a community garden at The Family Center.  We have a committee that is in charge of our garden needs.  Planting, weeding, picking, crop rotation…we need help!


We hold monthly family cafes at The Family Center.  Food is served and an educational topic is covered.  We are always searching for groups to purchase, prepare, and serve food at these luncheons.  This is an excellent way for a Sunday School class or a small group to participate at The Family Center.  Our topics range from extreme couponing to parenting skills to nutrition to career choices and more.  If you are interested in teaching a class, let us know!


There are several extreme needs at The Family Center during the holidays.  Cook a Thanksgiving meal for a family (or Christmas dinner).  Provide gifts for those who will not receive gifts otherwise.  Adopt an entire family.  And help us ring the bells as a Salvation Army Service Unit!  Make it a family event.  We have several locations on several days that we will need to cover!  The more we raise, the more we put back into Maury County.

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